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GYGER – swiss inventors. Defying the impossible, since 1959.

More than 50 years ago the production of gramophone needles went from steel to the much stronger sapphire. Hence, large industrial companies faced a sheer impossible challenge of manufacturing and fully automating production. Driven by his passion for precision and his unyielding will to make his mark our founder Fritz Gyger Senior set o on an endeavor, which would mark the dawning or our success story. From the small cellar of his house he put all his heart, determination and perseverance into the invention and development of the cam-controlled needle polishing machine for gramophone needles.

In 1978 our high-end-performance diamond gramophone needles with patented Gyger grinding geometry went into serial production. Today, two generations later, it is still this unbroken curiosity, our love for perfection and our inventors’ hearts that drive us to challenge and defy the impossible.

Reto Rüttimann, Head of Sales & Service

Sarah Chaudhry, International Sales Manager

At present

At present our products have their main area of use where microtechnical thresholds are reached. Nearly impossible requirements regarding miniaturization, quality and integration density are the drivers for our innovative solutions. Our core fields of expertise are microfluidic and dosing products. The modular Gyger micro valve generation SMLD-300 marks yet another milestone in this development.

Towards the future

Heading towards the future, we are eager and proud to be your partner for the insurmountable and the unsolvable. Because, as history as proven, we resist the temptation of giving in to the impossible. GYGER – Swiss Inventors. Defying the impossible, since 1959.