Permissible micro valve cleaning types:

• Ultrasound cleaning Cleaning with solvents Sterilization at 121°C Periodical rinsing cycle

• Suitable solvents must be specified depending on the used dispensing media. If you have any questions, contact the dispensing medium manufacturer.

• In automated operation, a periodic rinsing cycle can be carried out with the dispensing medium, or it can be switched over to a cleaning fluid.


The micro valves with a short valve travel (0.03 mm) have a life-time of 500 million cycles or more. The specified life-time information is based on long-term tests carried out with isop- ropyl alcohol. Using a medium with lubricating properties increases the life-time of the micro valves. Running them dry is only possible under certain conditions. This reduces the life-time to a few million cycles. Particles or pigments contained in the medium can limit the life-time.

Contaminants or dirt particles can cause the micro valves to clog or leak. We recommend that built-in valve filters be used, if possible. For basic medium cleaning, we recommend an additional upstream prefilter outside of the micro valve. The micro valve is a product subject to wear. There is no warranty for deficiencies and da- mage caused by wear. The product warranty is valid for 2 years.


When using media with a higher viscosity which cannot be dispensed at room temperature, the medium can be heated. The viscosity is then changed, and optimal dispensability is achieved. Micro valve heating is limited to 100°C by the valve coil.

The micro valves can withstand a much higher temperature, however. Our MVC 1 can also control up to 4 heating systems.

Relationship betwen nozzle diameter and valve Travel

Nozzle diameter and valve travel are important influential parameters for the drop formation. To achieve the best dispensing results, the nozzle diameter and the valve travel have to be matched and combined with each other. The table shows the recommended standard combinations. Larger nozzle diameters and valve travel are used for larger flow volumes and media with higher viscosity. Smaller diameters with small valve travel are suitable for small dispensing volumes for the longest life-time.

Dispensing Volume

A minimal dispensing volume is achieved with the optimal nozzle diameter, a valve travel corresponding to the medium and a fast and precise actuation of the micro valves.

Our modular valve controller MVC 1 is wellsuited for the best possible actuation. Up to 16 micro valves can be actuated independently of one another with the MVC 1.

Medium presure

If possible, the medium should be discharged from a pressure container. If the medium takes on air, this can lead to fluctuations in the dispensing volume as well as to satellite splatters. To prevent this, solutions are available where the medium and the air are separated by a piston. In order to not have to operate the dispensing system under an unnecessarily high pressure, we specially recommend that the cross section of the supply line up to the micro valve be selected as large as possible for highly viscous media.

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